In a world which each time is more saturated with audiovisual content, to generate advertising campaigns for impact, is a challenge which brands face every day. Numerous neurological studies have shown, that advertising that appeals to emotions has a greater impact on long-term memory, essential element in the launch of a product or service, or to consolidate a brand image.

80% of our decisions of purchases are based on emotions. Measuring the emotional impact of the advertising content is without doubt one of the main challenges. To know what the impact of a certain advertising video in your target audience will be.

What it is about

Ads & Emotions allows you to predict what is the emotional impact of an advertising campaign in the audience through the technology of facial recognition of emotions. The software allows to know the levels of emotional activation, the engagement generated or the relevance, understood as an emotional memory of a video advertising, to know their strengths and weaknesses regarding their target audiences.

Ads and emotions also have the online platform where the emotional evolution of the sample is set in motion, before the advertising stimulus. It is reflected in the 6 main emotions, 5 emotional metrics and 8 types of moods.

How it works

Along with the emotional metrics, Ads & Emotions integrate the Eye Tracking technology that allows you to obtain heat maps, where you can see which elements focus the attention of the spectators.

What information is obtained


• Mood generated by the stimulus.
• Levels of activation, engagement and satisfaction which generates the stimulus.
• Degree of emotional recall generated through of the calculation of relevance.
• Comparison of impact generated by various advertising videos about the sample.


• Identification of the strong points of the announcement that generate greater satisfaction and engagement.
• Identification of rejection points generated for the stimulus.
• Analysis of the emotional impact of the stimulus in various segments of the sample (gender, age and others).



Results report with the analysis on the emotional impact of the ad/s.


Access and download of data generated during the test through the online platform.

Use cases ads and emotions heatmap
Use cases ads and emotions metrics