Every brand understands the importance of knowing, what image they want to show around the world. The size of the logo, the color or even the packaging’s design determines the relation between the product and the consumer.

Emotions and brands

Dominating the symbolic languages means to connect with the emotions, which are the ones that go along with the ideas and the expectations we have about the brands and the products.

Due to the importance of our emotions in our perceptions, it is important to know and understand the emotional impact of a design to be able to reach the full potential of the success.

What it is about

The Emotional Branding Impact records the emotional impact of the brand, the advertising message or the packaging design. Thanks to the technology of the Eye Tracking, it allows us to know which are the areas of the image, where the consumer focuses more and which are the associated emotions to the main focus of attention. This means being able to make comparisons between different designs and to know the preference  of different types or segments of consumers.

How it works

The Emotional Branding Impact uses the online platform for measuring emotions, which can be adapted to either PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android)

What information is obtained


• Which images generate greater activation, engagement and satisfaction.
• Which is the emotional profile generated by the brand throughout the corporative images, the packaging or the advertising.
• Testing the emotional impact of slogans.


• Identification of the elements where the users focus more.
• Identification of the elements that cause the greatest degree of rejection.
• Analysis of the emotional impact of the stimulus in various segments of the sample (gender, age and others).

Emotional branding impact packaging
Emotional branding impact tablet
Emotional branding impact woman