The product test is the main research tool used to test the impact of all types of products on the market. This helps to predict the success of a new release or to introduce improvements to existing products.

Although survey methodologies are getting more sophisticated in this field, it is not always easy for a standard panel to accurately move sensory experience into scales or exact categories. In this aspect, non-intrusive emotion measurement techniques help the researcher to evaluate the sensory impact of the product which reverts to the quality of the study.

What it is about

Emotional Product Test is the tool that allows knowing the emotional and unconscious response of the consumer to a particular product. Emotional Product Test is adapted to the research methodology in the laboratory with panels of consumers, offering accurate data to evaluate the experience with the product.

The tool can be adapted to the following sectors:

Emotional product test food


As has been demonstrated scientifically, taste and smell are the senses that send the most information to the brain, in fact, they are the senses that generate the most memories in the consumer. The facial coding technology of Emotion Research Lab transforms this impact into main and secondary emotions to detect the pleasure or dislike for different products or the emotional activation produced by different flavors and textures.

What information is obtained

• Level of satisfaction with the product through basic and secondary emotions.
• Emotional activation produced by different types of products and their characteristics: texture, smell and appearance.
• Evaluation of the coherence between the verbal and emotional response.

Image module


Cosmetics and personal hygiene products have a special sensory impact on the tact and smell of consumers. Facial coding technology measures the consumer’s reaction to the test and trans-forms it into emotions, allowing them to know their reaction at the time of its application and in later moments.

What information is obtained

• Identify the sensitive impact on the consumer in terms of effect, touch and smell.
• Evaluation of the coherence between the verbal and emotional response during and after the test.

Emotional product test packaging


The emotional test of packaging allows measuring the visual and user experience of a particular package. In this way, the emotional analysis allows to exactly know the reaction of a panel of consumers in the manipulation of the package and to evaluate the emotional performance of the different tasks performed in the test.

What information is obtained

• Emotional impact of the package in terms of design.
• Emotional impact of the use, detecting those elements that reveal greater satisfaction.

The facial coding technology of Emotion Research Lab transforms this impact into main and secondary emotions to detect pleasure or dislike.


Comparative analysis of the strengths of each product indicating which is the one that produces a better emotional performance.

Report of results with the emotional profile of the participants in each phase of the test.


Product test with facial recognition of emotions