The projected image by the political parties and their candidates is strongly conditioned by the audiovisual material distributed in the media and social networks. In a world increasingly dominated by audiovisual content, the tools of neuropolitics gain ground when it comes to addressing the impact of messages.

Neuropolitics study the behavior of citizens and political leaders using neuroscientific techniques to predict future electoral behavior and make political communications more efficient.
Emotions plan a key role in the political behavior, leaving aside rational processes and focusing on reactions such as sympathy, empathy or closeness, which ultimately decide the vote.

What it is about

Political Audience is an Emotion Research Lab tool that allows knowing the emotional impact caused by videos or electoral posters as well as any audiovisual content generated in social networks. With it, you get to know what is the emotional impact on a given population sample to predict the success of a particular campaign.

How it works

Along with the emotional metrics, Political audience integrates eye-tracking technology that allows you to obtain heatmaps, where you can see which elements focus the attention of the audience

What information is obtained


• Mood generated by the stimulus.
• Levels of activation, engagement and satisfaction generated by the stimulus.
• Degree of emotional recall generated through the calculation of Relevance.
• Comparison of the impact generated by different versions of the same stimulus on the sample.
• Emotional reaction to certain messages and images identification of rejection points generated by the stimulus.
• Identification of rejection points generated by the stimulus.


• Testing the emotional impact of slogans.
• Identification of the elements that focus more attention on the poster.
• Identification of the elements that cause a greater degree of rejection.
• Analysis of the emotional impact of the image in different segments of the sample (sex, age and others).
• Comparison of the emotional impact between different versions of the electoral poster.


Report of the results with analysis about the emotional impact of the stimulus.

Access and download of the generated data during the test through the online platform.

Image module
Image module